Monday, April 11, 2011

Out and Back awesomeness

Sunday I was intent on riding at Loma.  The Loma trails are my favorites around here--partly for their views, and partly for the variety of terrain: double track, single, technical, rolling--it's all there!  I started up Mary's Loop and thought maybe I'd ride Horsethief.  My wrist had been bugging me though and I wasn't sure the large amount of portaging required was a good idea.  I decided to do Mary's.  I made it out to Pizza Point (where Steve's intersects with Mary's) after about 40 minutes.  I was pleased with what I'd been able to ride, but really didn't feel like riding Steve's or heading towards the frontage road for a boring 3 mile return to the car.  I decided to turn around--why not?  So I rode Mary's backwards until I got to Wrangler.  Wrangler is a great little trail that gets very little love from other riders.  I don't know why.  It allows you to ride more single-track while sort of paralleling Mary's.  You get some awesome technical downhill, and still bomb down the Mary's hill at the end.  This was a great 2-hour ride!  Not too difficult, but difficult enough to make me nap later ;)

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