Friday, January 21, 2011

Back Country Skiing Virgin

This weekend I will take my first foray into the world of Back Country skiing.  We'll head up to Mesa Creek, or Old Powderhorn as some call it, and check some easy runs on our new backcountry skis.  These are my first ones, the Atomic Centuries.  As the picture states, they are specifically made for women.  They also have a length that is perfect for me.  These skis come right up to my nose when they are held vertically.  Add to those some super cool bindings that allow me to climb uphill with my heels free, then click them down to ski down the hill, and I'm all set!

Hopefully we'll get some awesome footage with our new flip cam and I can post a video for you guys.  But for now, this video gives you an idea of some of the terrain.  There are a few wide open slopes, Pruess, for example, that will be perfect for my first attempt. 

Happy weekend!

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