Tuesday, January 11, 2011

8 days of skiing down, 22 to go...

Well ski season is in full swing out here in Colorado and my goal this year is to ski 30 days.  That's pretty tough when I can really only go on weekends, but right now I'm on track to get it done before Powderhorn (our local resort) closes in April.

Some of those days will be spent at Snowmass and a few others elsewhere in the state.  Still, I don't really care where I'm skiing as long as I'm skiing and improving!  So far this year I've skied a few new black runs from last year and am getting much better at skiing around moguls.

For Christmas I got new bindings for backcountry skiing, and then the BF, awesome guy that he is, ordered me new backcountry skis too!  It will be fun to go skiing somewhere out in the middle of nowhere--away from resorts, but I think I'll always be spoiled by having a lift take me up the mountain.

Here are a few shots from our adventures at Powderhorn so far this year.  One is of the BF on a run called "Cow Camp" and the other is one I took from about half-way down a run called "Hooker."  Love love love the snow!

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