Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer's almost gone!

I have to give credit to Richie who said, over here that she was eeking out the last bits of summer, for this post. Seriously where did it go? We were still getting snow on May 1 and now, on August 13, we're getting 51 degree morning temps. Don't get me wrong, it's wonderful for biking and trail running and all that...but I could have used a little bit more heat. I love sitting on the balcony with the sun just drenching me in warmth. Still, it's been a great summer! Let's recap:

1. We started the summer with the fabulous bike trip down to Durango/Cortez...when it was still too cold to camp, but not too cold to enjoy some awesome biking:

2. That was followed in July by the annual backpacking trip. This year's trip took us into the Uncompahgre wilderness for 4 days and 3 nights of solitude.

3. Then we rounded out the summer with what is becoming our annual trip to Crested Butte...complete with 4 days of biking bliss!

And now...summer is coming to a's time to prepare for half-marathons and Labor Day concerts; time to wax the skis and prep those quad muscles for long days on bump runs...time to start looking for a Halloween costume and time to pull out the soup recipes...I do believe Fall is on its way!

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