Monday, July 26, 2010


Just a quick update on the injuries...What I can only assume is some sort of peroneal tendonitis in my ankle is healing nicely. I have rested and iced since Thursday evening. I've also been keeping it elevated a lot of the time. All of this seems to have helped, even if it's made me a little stir crazy...I can walk almost pain free now!

In order to overcome the restlessness I did an ab/upper body work out on Saturday. This required no standing and therefore was not a danger to my hurt ankle. While not the most exciting activity, doing crunches in the living room, and lifting weights while sitting, it did at least give me something to do...

Then today my friend A and I went to the local pool to get in some sun and lap time. I haven't been swimming in years! It's harder work that you might think. We shared a lane and I got in 13 laps of various strokes...freestyle, back, side, you name it! I'm tired tired tired now. Still, it felt good to know I was still being active and not doing any damage to my ankle. That I know of.

A trip to Crested Butte soon will provide some much needed biking and after that I'll get back to training for the first half marathon. For next year I'm thinking...the Highline Hustle Triathlon sounds good!

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